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Modicon / Schnieder Electric PLC Controls systems repair
Siemens Simatic 505 and S5 PLC module repair
Allen Bradley SLC 500 PLC 2 PLC 5 Versaview PLC Power Supply mand control systems module repair
Texas Instruments 500 system PLC Programmable Controller module power supply analog / digital control system repair

Allen Bradley Display/User Interface Repair

Most problems with Allen Bradley Displays and user interfaces can be fixed. Problems such as Black or blank screen. Unit not powering up, or freezing up when running. Are no problem for us at all.

Damaged DTAM LCD's and stuck keys are no problem either. So Get a quote today get and get going again fast. We offer a 1 year waranty and very competative pricing.

Are you having trouble?
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Allen Bradley 6181p 10 inch versaview computer

6181p 10 inch Versaview

Allen Bradley 6181p 12 inch touch screen computer

6181p 12 inch Versaview

Allen Bradley 6181p 1500P Versaview industrail display

Versaview 1500P

Allen Bradley / Rockwell Automation Versaview 1700P industrial touch screen computer

VersaView 1700p

Allen Bradley 6181p P series computer

6181p P Series

Allen Bradley SLC500 Slick 500 Dsiplay DTAM Data Table Access Module

SLC500 1747-DTAM